Client Reviews
Client Reviews

Sameena Yaqoob-Malik Zafar and I’ve joined Afshi’s Yoga classes online - one of the best decision we’ve made in a long time. The class is fun and extremely beneficial especially now that we are confined at home. Afshi is a great teacher and has been great in taking us at a pace that was not too strenuous at first. We absolutely love it and look forward to it every day - it’s providing more than the requisite exercise and keeping us agile. Highly recommended.

Katie Zarazinski
 17 weeks ago
I come here every Saturday and love it. I work out in a way that I feel it the next day but I am not hurting myself. It is a great way to gain strength and become more fit!

ABC Dentistry

10 weeks ago

 In addition to coming to our office and sharing her expertise on work related injuries and the exercises needed to mitigate them; I have been personally training with Afshi for 1 year and have never been so strong, flexible and pain free in my life. So grateful. John Cordell


Mathilde Mogensen
 38 weeks ago
I took a class here and it was great. The instructor pushed me but never too much. She encouraged us to challenge ourselves while also knowing our limit. I would highly recommend.

Veda Kumar
1 review
Center Director Afshi and other staffs here were very friendly. They helped me over the years and I always have a good work out.

Ty Kroll
15 weeks ago
Great place! I'm very new to Pilates and the instructor has done a great job introducing me to the workout and making sure I do everything to my own ability, in a safe way.

Gayle M
1 review
I started working with Afshi and Charlotte in March 2019. The Pilates mat and springboard classes are terrific and challenging! They've been great for helping me to lose weight and tone my body. The studio is clean, bright, with all the right equipment. I recommend you try it.


Shaan Noorani
1 review
Allows you to go at your own pace. Make sure that you are doing the exercise correctly than just get reps in. Made sure everyone feels comfortable at the studio.