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AFSHI Method

Agility: The ability to move freely and quickly while maintaining good posture. Agility training keeps the body

aligned without losing balance. It increases spatial awareness and decreases the risk of falls.

Flexibility: Provides an increased Range of Motion, balance, strength,and endurance. It prevents and reduces the risk of injury, corrects posture, increases functionality and decreases musculoskeletal strain.

Strength: Increasing core and muscular strength increases functionality and the ability to perform tasks of 

of daily living. From getting out of bed in the morning to walking a mile, or two.

Health: Diet, Sleep and Stress Management are the key components for a healthy mind and body. Managing all three reduces the risk of CVD, diabetes, high blood pressure and other disease and increases longevity.

Independence: the goal for AFSHI Method is to promote physical and mental independence and mobility.  

      Agility,    Flexibility,    Strength,    Health,    Independence!

Disclaimer: We are not physical therapists. Please consult your doctor before starting any new exercise program.